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Release Details

  • Developer: Capcom Online Games, SCE Japan Studio
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Platform: Playstation 4
  • Release: TBA - Fextralife has asked about it at E3 2015, Gamescom 2015 and TGS 2015 and we were told "No new information at this time". The game is not officially cancelled, it seems to be in development limbo.


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Deep down is a new IP by Capcom, thought to be produced by Yoshinori Ono who has worked previously on series such as Street Fighter, but more relevantly Onimusha, and the one off game Shadow of Rome. It is a dungeon crawling game in a fantasy medieval setting with a focus on multiplayer gameplay and numerous creatures and monsters in ruinous environments.

The Game

When the initial trailer was released, many believed the game to weigh heavily on story, and to be a mostly single player experience. Subsequent information has revealed that the game is a free to play online centered on travelling to the past via the memories in ' relics' and working your way through fearsome (and rather large) foes.

The level design will have 'infinite variations' as level design will be by random and supposedly have more variables in level generation than any claim previously (rather bold isn't it?).

Story (translation from Sony)

"The stage of the story is New York in 2094. A member of the Ravens with the ability to read the residual thoughts that dwell on items earns his livings by clarifying the story from archaeological sites of ancient cultures. At one point in an excavation in the Czech Republic some ruins from the late 15th century are found. The presence of a mysterious city and the memories of an ancient civilization can be found in the site. The hero receives the request to investigate the ruins and to read its memories."
Certainly sounds interesting!

Gameplay Concepts

  • Focus on Multiplayer Gameplay, up to 4 players co-op and PvP
  • Supports Remote Play on Playstation Vita
  • Special player abilities such as "stop time" affect other players as well as monsters.
  • Minimalistic UI to help immersion and on-the-fly item and skill swapping.
  • Randomly generated levels to keep replayability
  • Close combat with medieval weapons such as swords and spears with a shield.
  • Wide range of Magics such as freezing time and fire spells
  • The home in 2094 New York is a hub for microtransactions and customisation
  • Traps such as Mimic Chests
  • Online looting of other players' corpses
  • Worlds are formed out of emotions, or "Memento"- this can be used to upgrade weapons and armour
  • Dungeons are multidimensional, with drops, ladders and small spaces crammed in.
  • Time stop mechanic where a player can queue up abilities and items. This will be possible during multiplayer as well.
  • Will be a free to play online game
  • The focus of the game will be on a multitude of dungeons which are triggered by memories on artifacts. Each dungeon will be named after an emotion, with those emotions altering the dungeon's layout and the nature of how a player can upgrade their gear.
  • Game will use the Panta Rhei engine and will make use of next gen structure.
  • The game features a late Medieval setting in the dungeons, however there will be portions of the game set in the year 2094.
  • Players will have access to a "home" hub, presumably with the ability to decorate as they see fit.

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